Andrew ‘Worm’ Weremijenko


I have been teaching for nearly 20 years a number of schools, including Cranbourne Secondary, St Margarets and Berwick Grammar, Glen Waverley Secondary and Nossal High School. A number of students asked me to leave Nossal High School and open my own tuition centre, so that I could teach them for VCE. I took the jump and haven’t looked back!!! My main focus is now VCE Mathematics, where I tutor Unit 1-4 Specialist Maths and Unit 1-4 Maths Methods. I love teaching and having my own business allows greatly flexibility with my lifestyle, my family and my students!

Casper Appleberg

Maths, Physics and English Tutor

Hey all! I’m Casper and I graduated as dux proximus of Haileybury College with an ATAR of 99.90 in 2022. In year 12, I was a Senior Finalist (top 5 research papers from Aus and NZ) in the University of Melbourne Mathematics and Statistics Competition. I also achieved a premiers award in General Maths as well as a 50 in English and 47s in Math Methods and Physics. I’m currently studying commerce under the Chancellor’s Scholarship at Melbourne. I can’t wait to play a part in making your VCE journey that little bit more enjoyable!

Hasna Kazi

Chemistry Tutor
Hello! My name is Hasna ???? I attended Nossal High School and graduated with an ATAR of 99.95, with raw scores of 48 in Chemistry, 48 in Maths Methods and 50 in Specialist Mathematics. I am currently studying the Bachelor of Medical Science/Doctor of Medicine at Monash University. I’ll be running online Chemistry 3/4 classes as I’m undertaking my medical placements in Warragul/Traralgon.

Kieran McQueen

Maths Tutor
Hi! My name is Kieran McQueen, I attended Cranbourne Secondary College and graduated with an ENTER of 99.15 in 2009, with raw scores of 41 in Maths Methods, 40 in Specialist Maths, 43 in Chemistry and 46 in English. I completed a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering at Monash University, receiving honours and majoring in Mathematics and Chemistry. I completed my Masters of Secondary Teaching and Leading Learning at ACU while teaching through Teach for Australia, and am entering my third year as a secondary Maths and Science teacher.

Pinak Joshi

Maths and Chemistry Tutor
Hi there! I graduated from Nossal High School with an ATAR of 99.75, achieving raw scores of 48 in Maths Methods (scaled to 50) and 44 in Specialist Maths (scaled to 54) as well as 43 in Chemistry (scaled to 47). I was Rank 1 for Maths Methods and managed 79/80 on Methods Exam. I’m currently majoring in Pure and Applied Maths at the University of Melbourne! Very excited to teach you all Maths and Chemistry!!????

Robbie Joseph

Maths and Physics Tutor
Hey! My name is Robbie Joseph, I graduated from Nossal high school in 2021 as the dux with an ATAR of 99.90, with raw scores of 48 in Maths Methods and 47 in Physics. I’m currently studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Melbourne under the prestigious Chancellors Scholarship. I’m super excited to teach you guys and hope to make VCE an enjoyable journey!!

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