Do you only do group tuition?
In short, yes. As a teacher I prefer to have more than one student as it promotes conversation, which in turn promotes learning. I also don't have the available time to tutor students one on one and if I did, it would be extremely expensive due to the number of house available outside of school hours.

What does the 2 hours include?
A 20-30 minute test on the previous weeks work.
Instruction on new topics, along with notes and explanation and the use of the CAS calculator.
A question session at the end with students asking questions on any issues they have.
Homework each week.

Is that all I get?
No, you are provided with access to extra materials on my website, online support through a product called Microsoft Teams (free). This means you can ask questions outside of class time and you will be given an explanation in detail in reply.
All electronic notes and questions through Microsoft Onenote.
Access to much harder questions and tests than those in the book.
Access to VCE exams, with worked solutions.

Why would I come to you instead of another tutor?
Look at my online reviews.  The students themselves will tell you... and some students who have not been in my classroom, but have used my videos will also tell you!

Anything else?
15 Years of experience from a qualified teacher who had a student score a raw study score of 50 in both Mathematical Methods and Specialist Maths in 2018, and many raw scores in the 40s.
A teacher who has extremely high knowledge in the use of both major CAS calculators (would be up there with the most knowledgeable in the state)
Online videos going through the content of the lesson if you miss the class.

What is the cost?
It’s usually $60 per 2 hour session, however, for the first term of 2019, it’s $50 per two hour session. After this, it’s $60 per 2 hour session or if you pay the whole term in advance, you get a 10% discount. You can pay cash, bank transfer or credit card (I have an EFTPOS machine.
Your first lesson is free, so you can come and check it out and if you don’t like it, you walk away losing nothing but 2 hours of your time!

Am I still qualified?
Yes, I have completed a Bachelor of Science (Advanced Mathematics and Computing) and a Diploma of Education (Secondary - Maths and Information Technology).  I am 100% still qualified as a teacher, as I still do small amounts of CRT to remain qualified and I have a current working with children’s check.



Majoring in Computational Mathematics, Computer Science and Applied Mathematics


Teaching methods of Mathematics and Information Technology
Yes, I am more than happy for your first class to be a free trial. The only thing I would ask is that you provide feedback if you do not wish to continue, so that I can make sure I improve in future!
In short, yes. I may be willing to do smaller group tuition if people get a group together. I find it is much more beneficial having students together in a classroom who ask questions and share knowledge. One on one tuition can result in students not getting exposure to the extra thoughts of others in the room. It allows people to gain a greater understanding through listening to the misconceptions of others.
One of the major reasons I give students practice tests or quizzes is to give them feedback, as well as gain feedback on my teaching. If students are getting the same questions incorrect, I must not have explained it properly, so it's something I need to readdress.
Of course I am open to feedback. I would love people to be honest and direct with me on how I can improve and what they think I can do to make my courses better.
Each week I will give out blank notes in the sessions. I will also email them. I will Give students who commit to the year a notes book, which includes all of my worked solutions for the year.
Many things. Of course there are other teachers similar to me, however, most won't work as hard for students as I do. I love working with and for students. I make myself available on the internet for help with a facebook group and email, regularly make videos, extra tests, questions and SACs for practice and make videos of exam solutions to teach students how to go about completing an exam in the allotted time. I also love to have fun with students. I am happy to have banter with students and love to find out more about my students outside of the classroom.
I would prefer people to attend all classes. If classes are missed, that's fine, but I would hate for another student to miss out because people continually fail to turn up.
Yes, I will run revision classes on holidays where students who are not enrolled in the courses may also attend. Regular students will a discount of course. The holiday classes will be used to run over course content already covered with more advanced questions and focusing on using the CAS as well.